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Residential Care for Adults

Sugar Residential Care

The difference between a house and a home may be as subtle as a familiar scent from the kitchen, the curve of a favorite chair or a warm embrace from a loved one. Center of Family Love provides comprehensive community services to adults with a wide range of medical conditions and abilities related to mental retardation and developmental disabilities (MR/DD).


The Intermediate Care Facility was opened in 1981 and is home to 54 residents, 27 male and 27 female. In this home, two adults share a spacious room and toilet facilities. Residents are 18 years of age or older and participate in workshop and classroom settings through out the day and enjoy social activities and community interaction with others during the evening.

Our Loosen Geriatric Center is one of the PREMIERE facilities of its kind in the State of Oklahoma. The Loosen Center is a 16-bed Geriatric Facility for residents 70 or over, or for those developmentally delayed adults with health issues that cause them to need more nursing needs. This facility opened in 2000. Each person is comfortable in their own individual room and through the day, many attend educational activities or participate in arts and crafts. Just click here to view the Loosen Center photo album.

Also on our main campus in Okarche are the Campus Men’s and Campus Women’s Group Homes. These are individual 12-bed group homes with 24-hour a day staffing. Residents living in these homes attend workshop or have jobs in our community through the day and activities at night. Residents living in the group homes are responsible for chores, assisting in meal planning, shopping and cooking. These homes opened in 1985.

The staff-to-care ratio at all our facilities is kept at a balance to obtain the highest level of caring and support possible. Our compassionate team of caregivers handles medical, personal care, recreation and behavioral health needs of each individual. These caregivers also plan community activities to encourage socialization while providing the same level of personal care you have come to expect from the Center of Family Love.


CFL Group Home living is a family style living environment for developmentally disabled adults who have semi-independent living skills. Residents work or train vocationally, take care of their homes, cook, clean and shop together. CFL staff interacts with residents ---- further building self esteem and fulfilling a sense of acceptance.

Group home community residents participate in many recreational activities throughout the community such as movies, picnics, ballgames, sporting events and rodeos.

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Besides the group homes on our Main Okarche Campus we also have:


The Kingfisher Group Home is located at 101 East Bowman. It is a split level home for 6 developmentally delayed women of all ages. CFL provides 24/7 staffing and through the day, the Group Home residents work at jobs within our community. Due to the centralized location, residents are able to visit local stores and/or walk to work.

El Reno

The El Reno Group Home is located at 212 Scotts Street in El Reno and is a 6-bed men’s group home. Each resident has their own room and this home has two living areas. These men either work in the community or commute to Kingfisher and Okarche to work in their local workshops. The Shared Living Home is a 6- bed duplex at 400 Fillmore in El Reno. The Knights of Columbus (the “founding fathers of CFL) own and donate this home for CFL’s use.

The demand for this type of independent life style far outweighs the supply.


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