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Mr. Jim O'Brien

Jim O'Brien

Hired in October, 2005, Jim O達rien has definitely made a difference in the Center of Family Love . Not only is Jim O達rien a Catholic, he also has a solid background in accounting and finance as well as experience administering a non-profit organization. Besides being the first Catholic to lead the Center, he痴 also the first executive director to actually live in Okarche. He and his wife moved to the small tradition-rich farming community on the Kingfisher-Canadian County line shortly after he was hired. The new director pokes his head into the Center at all hours of the day and is already on a first name basis with employees and residents.

Moving from Chickasha , Oklahoma , O達rien served as executive director of a non-profit organization known as Special Young Adults. He was in that position for five years and before that served as director of a similar organization in Duncan . Before that he had been living in Texas and working for Halliburton. The energy giant then transferred him to Duncan . Soon after the move the bottom fell out of the energy sector and O達rien along with 400 other Halliburton workers joined the ranks of the unemployed. Looking back, O達rien said it was the best thing that ever happened to him, in terms of his career.

的 got involved with not-for-profits and working with and for people and I have loved it ever since, he said.  

David Blair
Assistant Executive Director
Brynda Wheeler
Executive Administrative Assistant
Lisa McConnell
Director of Human Resources
Camille Poole
Accounting Manager
DeAnna Gilles
Robert Samples
Rhonda Hardin
Assistant Administrator
Riki Redus
Director of Nursing
Brandi Weeres
Director of Residential Services
David Hardin
Director of Vocational Services
Grant Kuehn
Director of Maintenance

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