Badge-in your table for ten to get TOP SECRET cocktail recipes from RNDC Spirit Specialist Morgan Burleson! Enjoy the same cocktails as your favorite spies: Manhattan for the sophisticated, Moscow Mule for the daring, Old Fashion for genius spymaster, or Margaritas and Mojitos for your James Bond types. Ingredients will be, of course, only the best for your inner 007: Woodford Rye, Old Forester Bourbon, Herradura Silver/Repo Tequila, Wheatly Vodka, and For de Cana 7yr Gran RSV Rum. Once your pallet is primed, let Chef Zach Hutton of Scratch Paseo hand-craft the rest. Delight in a four-course wine pairing with Champagne, Rose, Cabernet, Chardonnay, and Pinot Noir. The chef fill you with the decadent and indulgent; the danger and romance are up to you!

VALUE: $3,000