Scroll down to view step by step purchasing instructions.

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Step 1: View Our Mum & Fall Flower Selection

Meridian Red Mums

Makayla Yellow Mums

Zaza Purple Mums

Afterglow Orange Mums

Days Blue Asters

Grown with love by Justin & his friends!

Step 2: View Sizes & Pricing

Grown with love especially for you by our residents.

4″ Mums – $4.99

9″ Mums – $19.99

Mum Patio Pot – $24.99 each

4″ Asters – $5.99

5 Gallon Asters – $12.99 each

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Step 3: Place Your Order

If you prefer to place your order by phone please call 405-263-4465.

When you purchase items from us you are changing the lives of our residents
who live with intellectual and physical disabilities.
Thank you!

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Step 4: Payment & Pick-Up Methods

You’re welcome to pay by check when picking up your order or by providing your credit card information over the phone.

        WE DELIVER!        

Please ask about our delivery options when placing your order.