Kristy Lyn's Flowers and Gifts, nestled in the heart of Center of Family Love's campus, is more than just a greenhouse and flower shop—it's an embodiment of love, resilience, and empowerment. This unique establishment achieves something truly special: it provides employment to the residents of CFL who are differently-abled. Kristy Lyn's is not just your average greenhouse/gift shop, but a space where our residents find a sense of purpose, self-reliance, and most importantly, an opportunity to demonstrate that their abilities are not defined by their disabilities. By supporting Kristy Lyn's Flowers, you are not just purchasing a bouquet—you are celebrating the power of diversity, resilience, and the human spirit.

Teleflora Floral Department

Our floral department at Kristy Lyn's is committed to creating beautiful arrangements and floral gifts for any occasion. Each floral arrangement handcrafted by our residents and the rest of the floral department is a testament to their abilities, determination, and zeal for life.

Farm to Fork Program

At Kristy Lyn's, we are proud to introduce our "Farm to Fork" program, a sustainable venture where our residents partake in the cultivation of fresh produce for esteemed local restaurants in Oklahoma City. This program offers our residents an enriching, hands-on experience that not only nurtures their gardening skills but also bolsters their sense of accomplishment, as they watch their carefully tended plants become key ingredients in some of the city's finest meals.

Greenhouse & Gift Shop

We're proud to show you our vibrant greenhouse filled with seasonal plants and flowers. Each plant, leaf, flower holds a story of growth and resilience, reflecting our residents' abilities and careful care.

Adjacent to the greenhouse, our gift shop highlights a unique selection of items. From jewelry to resident made ceramics, the gifts you'll find are one-of-a-kind! By purchasing from our shop, you're not just buying a gift, you're supporting a cause and celebrating the limitless potential of every individual

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Kristy Lyn Posts

This Valentine's Day, let love bloom with Kristy Lyn's Flowers and Gifts! Our greenhouse and gift shop is brimming with an array of exquisite flowers perfect for expressing your heartfelt emotions. Each bouquet is carefully arranged by our dedicated residents, embodying their talent, resilience, and an unwavering zeal for life.

When you order a floral arrangement from Kristy Lyn's, you're not just conveying love to your special someone, but you're also supporting our mission of empowerment and inclusivity.

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