Center of Family Love

“Living at the Center of Family Love changed me to be more confident. Being able to talk to everybody would've been exremely hard at one time. Now I've got that confidence built in my head, mind and soul."

-Tanner, CFL Resident

CFL History

Our story began in the 1970s when a group of passionate individuals- parents and members of the Knights of Columbus- recognized the need for a safe haven where their children could receive the support, understanding and acceptance they were deserving of.

Driven by a shared vision, these individuals laid the foundation of what we know today as the Center of Family Love.


CFL Mission

To cultivate a nurturing environment where individuals with IDD and neurodivergence can flourish and lead fulfilling lives.

We firmly believe that each person, irrespective of their diagnoses, possesses inherent strengths and abilities waiting to be discovered, utilized and celebrated.

CFL Future

We invite you to embark on this journey of advocacy and development alongside us as we establish a state-of-the-art learning institute, Oklahoma Institute for Cognitive Development, that develops the strengths of its members. Gone are the days of relegating this community to menial jobs and tamping down their dreams and goals. We know they can do more.

We can't wait to share the stories of triumph, resilience, and impact that unfold within our walls. Let's change the trajectory of this beautiful community who's unique strengths can enhance and amplify our world.

Life at Center of Family Love

Since opening our doors in 1981, Center of Family Love has been offering residential and vocational programs for atypical, neurodiverse individuals to help them grow, learn and thrive. We are combining experience with science to provide quality, lifetime care to this underutilized and uniquely abled population.

Neurodiversity In Numbers

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