We put CFL Heroes first. Our Heroes show us God’s unconditional love every single day. When we look at the world from their courageous, optimistic perspective, it changes everything! When we see their inspired creativity combined with their ability to focus and work with joy, the results are truly astonishing. They have overcome disabilities and biases. They fight to exist in a world that does not accommodate their abilities. Can you imagine what they could bring to your business, your organization, and your community, if given the chance?


A new documentary by a former BBC internationally-acclaimed documentary filmmaker. Together we are embarking on a quest to highlight, explore, and discover the unique gifts of our Heroes through their lenses and abilities. The documentary will air worldwide with both conventional broadcasters and major streaming services. We invite you to join us on this journey that will change the world for millions who have been waiting to have their abilities discovered and utilized to change industries forever...starting here at the Center of Family Love.