Residential Facility Options

Group Homes

Our group homes provide family-style living for disabled adults with semi-independent living. In addition to the group homes on the Okarche campus, we have locations in Kingfisher and El Reno. Together our residents work, receive vocational training, complete home maintenance and housekeeping tasks, shop for groceries and cook meals. We encourage our residents to live as independently as possible, and provide them many opportunities to succeed and be proud of their accomplishments. Residents are free to move about on campus as they choose, and participation in recreational activities is highly encouraged! Our residents enjoy movies, picnics, sporting events, rodeos and more along with campus wide socializing activities.

Intermediate Care Facility (ICF)

Our intermediate care facilities on the Okarche campus offer 24-hour nursing care for residents needing assistance with basic human needs – eating, hygiene, exercise, recreation, intellectual stimulation and socialization. Our staff provides constant care and attends to each resident’s basic needs. Personalized care plans, often created with the assistance of family members, focus on the specific needs of the individual. Our facilities include workshop and classroom settings, and provide social activity and interaction between residents. A majority of our residents live in our intermediate care facilities, many of whom are non-verbal. We are continually challenged to stay fully aware of their needs, and in response to those needs we have incorporated technology into the daily lives of our residents, specifically the ones who do not have the ability to speak. The use of special communication applications installed on iPads has enabled them to express themselves in a whole new way!

Loosen Geriatric Center

The Loosen Geriatric Center is one of the premiere facilities of its kind in Oklahoma. We are the first licensed community health care provider in Oklahoma to offer geriatric services to residents with developmental disabilities. The 16-bed facility provides loving care for our elderly residents and disabled adults with health issues that require more intense care. Each resident has a personalized care plan, created with the assistance of family members, which focuses on their specific needs. We also provide educational activities, arts and crafts, and music in a home-like atmosphere. Each resident has their own private bedroom, and enjoys a group kitchen/dining area as well as TV and recreational rooms.