Maker’s Mark Beefsteak Event


The Center of Family Love along with Maker’s Mark Bourbon and Cattleman’s Steakhouse are bringing the spirit of the legendary beefsteak dinner to Oklahoma! These notorious beef and libation filled dinners first began in New York City during the late 1800’s where they were known by all as the crème de la crème for beef lovers. Originally these gluttonous dinners started as a feast filled with endless amounts of beef, whiskey and beer for just the men but as time progressed so has the beefsteak, which now has the best possible change, the inclusion of women!

Let us take you on the classic beefsteak adventure filled with Oklahoma’s best beef, bourbon and beer benefitting one of Oklahoma’s best charities, the Center of Family Love. We can’t give away all the fun that happens inside the walls of our beefsteak dinner, but we can tell you this: napkins are covered, whiskey is had, and the meat is always devoured. This is one Maker’s Mark Beefsteak you don’t want to miss!


“Oh they were amazing functions,” he said.  “The men wore butcher aprons and chef hats.  They used the skirt of the apron to wipe the grease off their faces.  Napkins were not allowed”…