Our Vocational Programs

Contributing to society in a productive way is one of the best ways to feel a sense of accomplishment and self-worth. Center of Family Love has developed several vocational programs in an effort to provide our residents and members of the community an opportunity for gainful employment in a safe environment. Through these programs, our individuals receive training, learn to work together and earn an income.

These programs are beneficial in so many ways: in addition to honing their time management skills, they learn essential socials skills, like public interaction and an employee/employer relationship. Individuals receive a paycheck which they use for spending money.

Our wonderful programs are not limited to residents of Center of Family Love. Many individuals participate in the vocational programs and work in our shops during the day, yet still live with their parents or guardians. This is a wonderful way for intellectually and physically disabled individuals in the community -who don’t necessarily live in one of our facilities – to find gainful employment in a safe environment!


There Are Three Vocational Programs in Which Our Individuals Participate:

Center of Family Love Gift Shop & Garden Center

Our Okarche campus boasts a full service greenhouse providing seasonal plants and gardening material for sale to the general public. Wreaths, gift baskets, vases and floral arrangements for funerals, weddings or any special occasion are all available for purchase and delivery. We also specialize in poinsettias, Easter lilies and mums. The gift shop offers a wide selection of items including jewelry, scarves and accessories!

Involvement with Center of Family Love Gift shop and Garden Center gives our individuals a wonderful opportunity to interact with the community! You’ll find them in the garden center planting, repotting and watering plants, in addition to sweeping, dusting and labeling merchandise. In the gift shop they’ll be checking inventory, setting out merchandise or bagging your purchase.

Center of Family Love Gift Shop and Garden Center is open to the public! Every purchase you make provides an intellectually and physically disabled adult with an amazing opportunity to give back to the community. You’re not just buying a gift; you are supporting the mission of the Center of Family Love. Every dollar spent gives our residents a chance to accomplish their goals, thrive in their positions and succeed in the workplace. Every purchase you make with us makes a difference in someone’s life.


Need flowers? We can deliver anywhere in the world!

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Oklahoma Environmental Management Authority - El Reno

Through this program, our individuals work with OEMA, a recycling company that combines waste recycling with an understanding that every human being has the ability to make a difference in meaningful work. Center of Family Love provides OEMA with willing and reliable employees, and in return our individuals gain independence, learn new skills and thrive in a productive work environment.


The Filter Center

Our individuals manufacture custom heat and air filters in our filter center on the Kingfisher campus, which are also available for sale to the general public! Additionally, through the State Use Program, Center of Family Love is contracted with the State of Oklahoma to provide the filters for State agencies in Oklahoma. All the filters are handmade, and the team effort displayed in our filter shop is so inspiring! Nobody can do their job without the help of their peers. They work together and support each other. We specialize in custom sizes you can’t find anywhere else, so consider placing an order with us!