Spreading Our Wings
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We are now entering the most exciting and ambitious phase ever, for the Center of Family Love! We are building a Community and Education Center unlike anything else in the world! Our new center will revolutionize the way we support those who live with special needs, through therapeutic educational programs and innovative technology; thus, propelling us into an unprecedented and dynamic future for our organization.

All of this and so much more will be possible through our Newfield Community Education Center where we will serve far more families and individuals with disabilities than ever before. Our new building will expand opportunities for growth and development, helping them to discover their natural strengths and talents with the use of the most advanced technology to assist with communication and independence.

Center for family love Building

Our new building will provide:

  • A theater for musical and dance performances
  • A ceramic and design art studio where they can express their inner creativity
  • A culinary art school where they can learn to cook and prepare their own meals with the produce, they grow by hand
  • An aquatic exercise and physical therapy department to strengthen their bodies
  • And so much more…

Your support changes the world for those who live their lifetime at the Center of Family Love and redefines the possibilities for the many generations we will serve in the future.

Dreams are possible because of YOU.

With Humble Gratitude,

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Debbie Espinosa
President & CEO
Center of Family Love