Introducing the

Newfield Community Education Center


*This is an architectural model rendering by Beck Design

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The Center of Family Love is pleased to announce that we’re embarking on the most exciting and ambitious phase of our organization since our founding 40 years ago.

While our current Center of Family Love campus contains more love and compassion that you could ever imagine, in it’s current configuration our residents are only able to experience adventure and fun within one small room in each of our houses. With our growing programs, and a family that now numbers 130 beautiful residents, we’re creating a new structure that will allow them to enjoy programs together in one large, open and inviting building.

The ideas for this new structure came straight from the imaginations of our residents. When we asked what could make the Center of Family Love even better, they mentioned having technology to help communicate their needs, a stage to perform and entertain, an art studio to express their inner creativity, a pool to strengthen their bodies and a kitchen where they can learn to cook with the produce they grow themselves. These dreams and much more will be possible in the Newfield Community Education Center.

This new building is about discovery, but even more so, it’s about endless possibilities. Join us in making this vision a reality for these amazing individuals, so that they may have the space to spread their wings and the freedom to experience life to the fullest.


"We are artists, chefs, dancers, singers and growers, but we need room and extra support to discover who God designed us to be.”

-Tanner B.

Sponsorship opportunities to be announced soon!